Plumber: a profession at risk!

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Our favorite plumber is quietly asleep near a tree, under the stultifying heat of summer begins. Barely manage to fall asleep he was awakened by a client who needs it immediately. Nice, he said he comes home and landed in a few minutes later. The client is an ultra-tall blonde babe with a great pair of tits! She is lounging on the terrace, and when the plumber has finished his job, he realizes that the bitch dropped her dress and pulled out his two big wheels. Neither one nor two, the plumber throws himself over and chew your teeth, eat before the already soaked crotch of the blonde. This terrace is all that is most friendly, and the client is still warmer than it was in the air. While that? He returned his rod deep into the vagina of the bitch, the plumber said he did well to come, and a good professional should d? Still be available for its clients in distress. Ethically, no doubt …