During a piano without a teacher, but a good student!

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Our two friends, journalists, high-flying, now turning a story about a famous Hungarian pianist and lie for the occasion in front of his house. A blonde goes for the camera and everything is at it again! She apologizes but tells them she’ll just take his piano lessons with the master’s son. It invites them to visit the house, especially the room where she often comes to relax after his lessons … The blonde, who must have just 19 years, does not hide his game and admitted to reporters that the cameras excite the highest point. As the teacher has not arrived, they will not deprive themselves and begin to spin a story a little different than they expected … They discover a greedy girlfriend who takes the lead and shoves all alone big cock in the mouth of the journalist. It turns out to be an insatiable nymphomaniac, and refuses to leave the room without being completely fucked pussy and ass. After only she can begin its course, and journalists continue their report.