Stuffed blond with a leek

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This pretty little bitch, especially naïve and a bit naughty, finally makes his last delivery of the day. She knocks on the door with her tiny jean shorts, but no one opens. Eager to finish, she opens it and calls his client, Mr. Martin, who did not respond. She finds him in the shower, in the process of tidying themselves dick whole hand. He jumps and rebels against this intrusion is unacceptable, and the beautiful merges with excuses. Seeing that she still eyeing his huge cock, licking his lips, Mr. Martin soon asked to join. She is charmed by this beautiful cock pointing skywards and went straightforward approach to take in the mouth. She sucks for several minutes and his two beautiful nipples harden like stone. While dipping his hand into the shorts of this bitch of delivery girl, the kind he proposes to spend at the show. It is really exciting, this small, with its slender body, all smooth and shining light. She gets fucked for a while, to our delight (and hers) before getting fucked like a dog on the red sofa with Mr. Martin.