Two girlfriends caught by surprise

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Two pretty women want to have a good time together. A blonde, a brunette, both good as the day and finguées like bitches. History of heat, they s’émoustillent pussy their separate ways … So far, so good. Part degenerates when three guys decide to make them see all the colors. They should include: seeing a show like that … Those bastards have no other intentions than to plug all holes in these two beautiful babes, stuff them in every way to punish them for being so good. Taken by surprise, they can only suffer the onslaught of tails coming from everywhere. One after another, the two friends find themselves legs in the air, mouth filled with a big dork, and ass expanded by another. Each turn is rust-block by two fellows, who eventually each take their guy to finish the game, and cover their pretty faces of sluts with large doses of cum!