A young nymphet discovers the joys of sex

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Moving into an apartment for the first time means a lot of work … This cute student of 18 years had no desire to undertake alone the daunting task of painting the place. His father sent him a family friend to help him, not suspecting that she would immediately find appealing … Meanwhile, the young man could hardly keep from jumping on him, especially since his mini-skirt suggests, the top of the stool, lack of underwear to conceal her little butt stiff. Suddenly, from beside her, he could not help but brush against his leg with his fingers, which shivered the girl. As she says nothing, he realized that it agreed and left his hand up towards her crotch. She stopped the brushstrokes and his breathing quickened. He climbed on a step of the ladder to join her and dropped her skirt, fingering her ass round like melons. She quickly brought him down and stretched out on blankets that protected the floor. Passionately, she took out his penis from his pants and ate it with open mouth. It was like a dream. He began to kiss it gently, then she wanted from behind. Her skin was so soft and her walls so firm that he also believed in a dream …