A pretty blonde visit his workman in the backyard

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A young professional just bought a house. She has just arrived and the backyard is still under construction. One morning, she took a shower while listening to the workers dig out. For several days she had noticed the stallion in his construction helmet, his bulging muscles and his evil eye. Naked before the mirror of the bathroom, felt the desire to invade his body, with its slim and small tits very small roses, she began to masturbate thinking of the handsome worker who was sweating on the terrace. Quickly, she became very wet and it accelerated the pace sighing. Then, the desire became so powerful that it rushed out to join the worker. He immediately saw in his eyes that his young client had need of manhood … She went to him and stroked his package by rubbing his body against hers. She felt stiff tail and she freed immediately. She began to suck fervently and dragged inside to get away from view …