Photo shoot with two guns perverse

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These two guys are really annoying: they must do a photo shoot for a car, but no woman to play models. Miraculously, they meet two chicks absolutely sublime playing in the park in a very very short miniskirts and tank tops. These two sluts are delighted with the proposal and did not hesitate a second to follow the beautiful photographer. Once there, the guy realizes that both are physically irresistible. They also have eyes that insolent one another and are ready for anything. The guy took some pictures and invites himself quickly on the scene by being licked, and caressed by fiddling with the two chicks in fury. They probably think it will make them stars … and that bastard has well enjoy it! The two turbulent pussies can not help moan of pleasure from being touched and wiggle their little asses beautiful cock at the hands of the powerful Artist. A scene not to be missed for anything, and two cute that will haunt your dreams for a long time …