Bubble bath and lust

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Immersed in the bath, foam all over his body, she soaped her ass and her soft breasts while lazily lingering on his crotch. Her lover is waiting for him with a towel after bathing to wrap it. Dried, he throws her on the steps of the tub and spreading her legs and shoves his head between his legs warm and caring for him greedily licking her pussy. Eyes closed, she surrenders to his licks and eaten with relish this tasty grass-grazing. Titillated by this treat lingual, she kneels and he returns the compliment by taking it into his mouth in turn. Excited and eager to continue their antics later, they join another girl who is waiting in the lounge. The guy is going to stuff them both. The bodies will mingle and merge with the rhythm of unrestrained caresses and oral penetrations. A beautiful sight, which results in the enjoyment of our 3 protagonists cheerful.