Mark Wood teaser nymphomaniac by a groupie

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Even on vacation, poor Mark Wood can not stay quiet five minutes! Just sitting on a deck outside his hotel, he’s accosted by a sort of groupie girlfriend, huge fan of his films. She insists on sitting down and starts the conversation, both intimidated and excited to talk to his idol. As in the discussion, one thing becomes clear: Mark knows he will not escape the bitch, and she will be satisfied after a scene with him. « Well, » he said. When he must go, must go! . So the nice back to her hotel room, more excited than ever and, it must be confessed, very exciting! Mark feels is an attack, especially when its dick legendary lands, miraculously, in the pretty blonde’s mouth. The small mouth is to be truly expert in pipe, which arouses the curiosity of our star. It may be in the process of finding the pearl of the year, and wants to ensure visiting all parts of his body. And then one thing to say: watch the job!.